Mech Duel

Reimplementation of Mechforce by Ralph Reed

Python code (C) 2008 Alistair Buxton 

This is not yet playable (well, sort of for two human players.) However, it 
can load all the data files from the original Mechforce except for saved 
games and maps/orders, display them, and run a simple game loop. See TODO 
list for more information.

You need Python 2.5 and Pygame 1.8 for everything to work, although *MOST* 
things should work with 2.4 and 1.7. Tested on Linux, Windows and Maemo.

One of the goals is to make the game playable on low resolution tablet
devices eg mobile phones with 240x320 screens. So I have implemented
scrolling and resizable maps, and the GUI is able to word-wrap itself.

The actual game logic code is a bit of a hack, and should probably be 
rewritten. Indeed, it will have to be if network support is to be added.
It would be nice to have a Play-By-Mail feature on a mobile game, on my
phone, which runs Linux :)

Update: Added AStar code back in. Thanks to Danny Yoo.

Update 2: Apparently my remake is similar enough to the original that 
some people cannot tell the difference. The above screenshot is the 
top hit on google images for "amiga mechforce" and people are hotlinking 
to it. So I have watermarked it. :)


You need the data files from original Amiga Mechforce. To get them, run:


You will need 'lha' archiver installed. To get it:

sudo apt-get install lha

If you are on Windows, you will just have to look at that script and do
it all manually. Note that 'Warriors' directory is now called 'Characters'
and 'Snd' is now 'Sounds'.

You can now try some of the following:

To start a game:
python <mech file> <mech file> ...

To start a game with one of every available mech:
python Data/Mechs/*/*

To show information about all mechs:
python Data/Mechs/*/*

To show information about a pilot:
python <pilot file>

To show information about weapon/terrain types:

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